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The Moontown Project unveil warm and upbeat indie-soul single ‘Saw the Stars’

The Moontown Project's latest single, 'Saw the Stars', is a delightful fusion of genres that showcases their unique and captivating style. Released under Stogey Records, this South London band has mastered the art of blending electronic, indie-soul, and funk sounds to create a modern twist on the disco era.

Drawing inspiration from legendary artists of the past, such as Jungle, Metronomy, and Parcels, The Moontown Project infuses their music with elements of hip-hop and heavier electronic beats, resulting in an electrifying and bold sonic experience.

'Saw the Stars' exemplifies the band's distinctive sound, effortlessly combining alternative, pop, indie-soul, funk, nu-disco, and nu-electronica elements. The track kicks off with a groovy bassline that immediately sets the tone for a vibrant and energetic musical journey. The guitar riffs add a dynamic layer of excitement, while the wandering synth lines and spirited horns contribute to the song's summery and feel-good vibe.

In their own words about the track, the band shared, “The energy of this song is key, party atmosphere, how having a good time with your mates can take you to a completely different space: The track takes you to a party in out of space where one of two lovers is struggling with living life at a distance."

Keep an eye on this talented band as they continue to push the boundaries of their unique sound.

Listen to ‘Saw the Stars’ below:

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