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The Multi-talented Lisa Humber Releases Poignant New Single

The multi-talented Lisa Humber has just released her latest single 'With You' at the end of August. It feels like the perfect track for this time of year; a beautiful and subtle mix of bitter and sweet. Having always had musicality running through her veins from being a child, Lisa has finally made her dream project a reality. We're glad she has! Let's delve a little deeper behind the track...

Lisa Humber is a musician, theatre artist, talk-show host and producer based in Toronto, Canada. 'With You' is the third song in a series of six to be released over the next six months which will ultimately culminate with the release of a full album. This track is absolutely mesmerisingly beautiful. Lisa's captivating voice will soothe you, as warm guitar and piano will sway your soul gently. The lyrics are candid and raw, with an optimism to be found in the longing of the chorus: being 'With you' feels like a vague possibility in these moments. The hopefulness of the bridge: 'With you I am set free' is made all the more poignant with the appearance of a stunning string arrangement.

The song is a lesson in classic songwriting. It has the perfect balance between tension and release, and no part is overbearing. Lisa's voice is able to shine through, yet the music too has a voice of its own. If you'd like to see Lisa herself animating this song, check out her touching accompanying music video right here:

Alternatively, stream the track on Spotify here:



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