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The new album ‘Duszt’ by Jody Bigfoot is out now along with a feature-film shot from Japan!

Jody Bigfoot is a unique and rebellious breath of fresh air in both life and art. His brand new debut solo project 'Duszt' challenges the traditional contemporary hip-hop with a sprinkling of refreshing political and eastern philosophical touches only he could deliver.

Jody Bigfoot’s new debut album ‘Duszt’ is now out and it is one to watch with solid tracks, the LP has been released alongside a feature-length music video shot in Japan, make sure to check it out. The album explores anarchist rap sounds with heavy inspiration clearly drawn from modern American trap and hip-hop sounds. The album is carefully crafted with the first half being very heavy and dark electronic/rap with only hints of light sounding vocals or instruments. Whereas, the second half is the exact opposite. One stellar track from the album is an already released single ‘Dustz On A Rock’. The song showcases a melancholic style of contemplative thinking which is different from the other material on the album.

This artist is no stranger to using conscious Hip-Hop to shine light on elements of our humanity which are positive while suggests a need for change in other areas. ‘Ring Ring’ has well-written lyricism encouraging us to grow into a better world outside our phones and evolve together for the greater good and not for the greater profit. ‘It’s All Good’ is another solid track, it provides a softer sonic environment for you to listen to as you chill or vibe throughout the day. The arrangement is very silky and pure whist staying true to their electronic/hip-hop roots. A really stellar track which definitely stands out for the rest of the albums other sounds! This album has been very well crafted and definitely a new sound and breath of fresh air into the UK rap scene.

'Duszt' - Album Artwork

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