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'The Primal Scream' by Marcos The Arrow Releases: The New Single

The new single from Marcos The Arrow is out now, along with a truly captivating music video with which it pairs beautifully. Marcos is a British artist with Spanish and Cuban roots. This rather enigmatic artist is sure to uplift you with this truly colourful track...

'The Primal Scream' is an atypical, rhythmic number which is bold and entrancing. It will resonate not just on the surface, but within your core. It's visceral beat and transfixing 'hums' go much deeper than most music out there now. The word 'primal' in the title of the track needs no explanation as soon as you press play on this track.

Marcos' only makes an appearance in the video via a television screen capturing him as a side-profile shadow with a microphone - this mystery keeps us guessing and only serves to put his vocal centre-focus. It's certainly a voice that deserves the limelight too; it is rich and evocative and will capture your attention as soon as you hear it.

The accompanying music video is equally as bold, and it's refreshing to see such a well-executed piece of art offering a visual identity for the track. We love the dancing choreography too which compliments the beat of the music so well. This is an unusual blend of rock and psychedelia, with a whole host of musical instruments interwoven throughout.

Make sure to watch the video for 'The Primal Scream' right here:


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