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The Sometimes Island have released their new single ‘Hannah Banana’

The Sometimes Island are back with another stand-out synth-pop banger, ‘Hannah Banana’ about a stormy relationship with the subject of the song. Hannah is an enigmatic character with who the protagonist has discovered more about himself: ‘never on my game when you come around, never was sure if I loved you; oh, but I love you now’.

An infectious synth arpeggiated lead underpins the song throughout, and a sensational kick drum and snappy snare joins in on the second verse. The lyrics continue, growing into the climatic phrase ‘I was finally getting better, I started taking care of myself’ - this is a song about self-destruction too, and how that can get in the way of relationships. Luscious vocal harmonies also join here, adding depth and warmth.

This is alt pop, crackle snap synth pop with a touch of humour thrown in for good measure. Albeit a slightly dark humour at that - the tongue-in-cheek ‘Hannah Banana’ is making light out of a situation which got complicated between two people. Who is Hannah? Clearly someone familiar, with her silly nickname.

If Daft Punk and Fleet Foxes had a lovechild, this band would disappoint its parents by coming home dirtier than they were. Lead vocalist Matt Blankenship Jr has performed with Banks, YACHT, Fred Falke and more. The LA-based alt pop band looks to return to the stage in 2021. For now, stream their damn catchy indie pop songs and lighten up your life!

Stream the track on all platforms here:

Follow the band via their website:


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