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The Sunset Kings Deliver New Genre-Bending Album

The Sunset Kings is an American indie rock band in the post-Frank Ocean era. Their cinematic lyrics are inspired by beat poetry and the Boston poetry scene, and their unique blend of music incorporates jazz, pop, psychedelia, soul, and prog influences to create forward-thinking alternative rock.

Shadow Work In Technicolor' is the band’s latest album release. The joint effort of vocalist Star and saxophonist Neumi, the band have been dealing with the death of their bassist Shag and the newly found solo projects of each band member. Amidst the turmoil, a new album is born - even if it might be the last.

Check out the video for their single which also features on the album:

Track Review: Play It Safe

Track 6 of the 12-song strong album, this is a standout soul-infused gem. Incredible live rhythm section including R&B drums and tight bass make up the foundation of the song. Over that are haunting vocals complete with impressive melismas left right and centre, moody synth and keys and funky electric guitar melodies. This glorious mesh of jazz, Neo-soul, R&B and rock make The Sunset Kings a standout band. Their music looks closer at what it's like to be coming of age in a world that's getting smaller and farther removed from its origins. Yet we hear a message of optimism in this song - despite the world being a dangerous one, it is also full of hope.

The Sunset Kings have battled their own personal demons as a band, yet amidst the chaos, they present this new album to us. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Stream the album HERE on Bandcamp

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