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Tiktok star Robsan unveils explosive hip-hop track 'Time is Money'

A distinctive track needs to steal your attention from its first note, Robsan's new single 'Time is Money' does exactly that. Even if you're not into hip-hop and rap, there's something for everyone within the track's core. A chilled attire that showcases Robsan refuses to be limited to one corridor, the prominent hip-hop number also uses soulful R&B, rap and pop elements.

Released May 21st, Robert Santitoro aka the mind behind Robsan has this to say on the release, “Time is Money is a play on how valuable time is to us. How you spend your time can ultimately cost you, or make everything you’re doing pay off. This song is mainly targeted to be motivational to the listener. I want them to hear it, and get on top of whatever goal it is they want to achieve, despite the odds that may be against them. Although the song is pretty introspective, I feel as if any listener trying to better themselves will totally relate to it.”

"Time is Money" is out now for your ears to taste on and it's a wonderful return from this TikTok sensation. Known for his viral videos on the popular platform, Robsan has racked over 1 million followers on Tiktok already. Consistently bringing his unique music to the table, this is a positive artist bringing good energy into the world - we need more people like Robsan.

Listen here:

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