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Tobias Sarra Releases Mesmerising Debut Album 'A Beige Kind Of Grey'

Released on the 3rd of December 2021, Tobias Sarra rounds the year off with a perfect winter soundtrack, in his debut album, A Beige Kind of Grey.

Suggested subliminally through the oxymoronic title, we encounter a listening experience that goes from one end of the spectrum to the other, as we develop through the album, one track at a time. Combining high quality and lo-fi production, Sarra leaves us with a head full of ear worms as we move from folk-inspired tracks to more cosmic-infused, sonic explorations.

The ten-track album proves that Sarra is more than just your average singer-songwriter. Using raw and unfamiliar sounds throughout the record, he provides a conduit for listeners which takes them to a new world, with no distractions and where one can be fully present to absorb the mundane beauty that is around. Opening and closing the album with two (nearly) ten-minute-long tracks, Sarra surely starts as he means to go on. With the opening track, Morning, he sets out the boundaries for what is to follow – three minutes of solid musical exposition, before you even get to any lyrics and vocals.

Check this out if you are a fan of artists such as Alex G, Wilco, Dead Rituals or Calexico, only to mention but a few. The album is going to be available on streaming platforms very soon, so don’t miss out on A Beige Kind Of Grey!

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