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Tommy Ocean Set To Release Captivating Album 'Heaven & Hell'

Tommy Ocean is a German European singer/songwriter based in Breisach am Rhein. This October 1st, 2021, he releases his captivating album 'Heaven & Hell'. Let us introduce you to this one-of-a-kind artist, as we take a listen to the album here at Curious For Music...

Influenced by traditional American folk music, Tommy records his music live, bringing his fans the kind of human experience that's somewhat on the decline these days: Ocean means pure original talent in today's plastic sea, demonstrating the power that still remains in the combination of voice and guitar.

Opening track 'No One' sets the scene beautifully for this album of ten tracks, introducing us to Tommy's distinctive voice and signature guitar. The second track 'Heaven & Hell' becomes a little more melodic with the guitar playing, and brings to mind Bob Dylan. This song was released as a single last year, though you will have to wait patiently for the full album this October. Tommy's beautifully narrative lyrics ("I've seen heaven, I've seen hell") will resonate with young and old, and you will truly taste the magic of the full work via this one, which you can stream below. 'Rodeo' is a particular favourite of ours; it's catchy and feel-good, a luscious slice of nostalgia. There are layers of ethereal backing vocals 'oooh' which remind us of a Leonard Cohen track. Tommy is a classic songwriter, who fuses an excellent musical sensibility and lyrical prowess, to deliver something totally true and unique to him, whilst hinting at the masterful writing ability of various folk greats.

Track four, 'Waste All The Time' takes a melancholic turn, and poses an existential moment of pause, whilst 'One Fine Day' picks the pace up a little with the introduction of piano and a more upbeat tempo. It's remarkable that this entirely acoustic album captivates to very much with hardly much more than voice, words and guitar. Each song is so varied and one never grows tired of hearing Tommy's musical story-telling. Tommy speaks of life in all its shades, with themes ranging from love, loss and everything in between. 'True Love' will resonate with anyone who has fallen in love, and that is sure to be many! The great thing about Tommy is that his music is ageless and universal too; it is highly relatable and accessible to all.

We particularly love 'Coming Home' which is an ode to feeling at one with the world, whilst track 8 entitled 'Every Step Leaves A Trace' is a charming twist of heartfelt romance. Tommy offers food for thought with 'North Of Profanity' and though the album is drawing to a closer, we could carry on listening for hours. We're sure you'll be playing this remarkable set of tracks on repeat once it is released this October. This penultimate song is probably our favourite on the album as it really speaks to the depths of our soul with it's slightly melancholic lyrics. 'Get Home Tonight' is a country-tinged number and the perfect setting for the album's close.

Tommy Ocean's album 'Heaven & Hell' will be released this 1st October 2021, across all major digital platforms for stream and download.


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