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Tristan O'Donovan Drops Feel-good Single & Video 'Bottle O'Red'

Tristan O’Donovan is all about good vibes on the chilled-out bliss of “Bottle O’Red”. Reggae, R&B, pop, and even folk all filter into the mix. His vocal delivery rests right in the centre of it all from which all else flows. Done with such care, there is a mellowness to it, one that offers an escape from the intensity of life. By allowing the whole of the track to simply revolve around his shaggy dog storytelling, there is a tenderness to the sound. One of yearning for a simpler, more basic existence, one that does not drag a person down. His lyricism helps to truly drive the point home, as the level of detail within it feels pitch-perfect with every flourish getting carefully magnified.

Guitar work has a lilting, tropical cadence to it. Never rushing things, the work focuses on the idea of slowing down, taking it easy. In a world where so much is about “getting that bread” and other similar messaging Tristan’s work serves as a much-needed counterpoint. Rhythms here feel so relaxed as the summer jam quality deftly sidesteps trends for something a bit more classic. The song remains relatively light as well for he ensures that the layers interact in a way that continues to be quite airy throughout. Full of such depth the desire for something less stressful, away from it all, has a beguiling appeal to it.

A truly joyous laid-back journey, Tristan O’Donovan sculpts a timeless sound with the stylish “Bottle O’Red”.

Check out the YouTube Video:




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