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Ubisoft Releases Video Game 'Far Cry® 6' With Soundtrack Scored By Award-winning Composer Will Bates

Award-winning composer Will Bates is the brains and talent behind this incredible new release from Ubisoft Music. Far Cry® 6 Vaas: Insanity dropped this November, along with a stunning Original Game Soundtrack by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Bates. Prepare to be swept away into the world well and truly, with an LP's worth of composition to fit the game...

Speaking of the LP, Will Bates tells us:

“I loved getting into the twisted mind of this character, uncovering his darkest secrets and obsessions allowed me to pick from so many musical colours. I found myself writing rich musical passages and then taking a sledgehammer to them to build these sonic landscapes for the game. I love to experiment with unusual sounds so this was such a fun project, and working with the Ubisoft team is always a pleasure.”

The haunting sonic landscape Bates has chosen to pair the game with is akin to the works of Aphex Twin, Lorn, Akira Yamaoka with elements of TangerineDream. 'Inside the Volcano' is brimming with experimental electronic textures and show-stopping percussion. The sound design is at times soothing, and at other times unsettling. The drama and suspense we feel when playing is down to Bates' incredible skill at enriching this game with sound.

Enjoy the full soundtrack for yourself right here:

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