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UK Solo Artist Cholly Drops New Single '3 Day Weekend'

Expect some downtempo hypnosis from Cholly with her new track '3 Day Weekend'. An entrancing blend of electronica, dance, electropop and alternative; this single is a refreshing slice of something new...

Cholly explains:

"I wrote ‘3 Day Weekend’ during a week that I was feeling very anxious about things, that to an extent were out of my control. A friend who joined my Twitch stream chat said that they had a three day weekend coming, and I thought, “I could really do with one of those.” I sang about it a few times during the stream, and then the following Friday evening I wrote the rest. This was the second of quite a few tracks I made on a Friday night."

'3 Day Weekend' forms part of an upcoming EP to be released this 12th November!

Stream the new single here:

Follow Cholly here: Instagram | Twitch | Spotify


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