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Unveiling Munan's Latest Gem: 'Luv Me' - A Melodic Ode to Unrequited Love

Munan, a talented South Korean/Australian artist, is about to make waves with his upcoming debut EP. Today, we're taking a closer look at Munan's latest single, 'Luv Me', a captivating melody that delves into the depths of unrequited love.

Munan has been teasing us with his musical prowess over the past few months, treating us to two stunning singles - "Mr. Taxi Driver" and "Once Upon A Time" - both of which will also feature on his eagerly anticipated debut EP, set to grace our ears this September. However, now it's time to focus our attention on 'Luv Me' and explore the emotions behind its creation

Co-written with his good friend Sterling Silver, who has also contributed to Munan's previous hits, "Freak Like Me" and "I Don't", 'Luv Me' is a heartfelt expression of unrequited love and the lengths we go to capture the attention of someone special. The song not only tugs at our heartstrings with its soulful lyrics but also uplifts us with its gradual shift from minor to major chords, creating a beautifully bright and melodious journey.

Munan shared his creative process, giving us a glimpse into the making of this musical gem. Starting with just the bass and drums, he masterfully layered various elements, letting the song organically evolve into the mesmerizing piece it is today. One interesting detail to note is that many of the instrument recordings were done in one or two takes, adding a touch of authenticity and rawness to the track.

In a stroke of inspiration, Munan captured the essence of the song's finale using his phone to record the acoustic guitar, while he was searching for ideas to conclude the composition. Little did he know that this impromptu recording would fit so seamlessly into the song, providing a natural and intimate feel that perfectly complements the theme of unrequited love.

As we eagerly count down the days until September's release, let's soak in the magic of 'Luv Me' and appreciate the creativity, passion, and dedication Munan has poured into his work. Whether you've experienced unrequited love or not, this song is sure to strike a chord within your heart.


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