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Unveiling TOBY's Summery Anthem: "Aint It" featuring Chelsea Warner

After months of anticipation, TOBY is finally ready to unveil his latest creation – a sun-soaked single titled "Aint It", featuring the enchanting vocals of Sydney's own singer-songwriter, Chelsea Warner.

In a world marked by uncertainty and isolation, creativity often finds a way to flourish even in the most challenging circumstances. "Aint It" was born during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in mid-2020. TOBY Nolan, inspired by the bouncy RnB style championed by artists like Kaytranada, began crafting the intricate beats and melodies that would eventually form the foundation of the track. As the production progressed, he recognized the need for the perfect vocal accompaniment to bring his vision to life.

Enter Chelsea Warner, a Sydney-based singer-songwriter with a golden voice that resonates with emotion and depth. TOBY approached Chelsea with his evolving creation, confident that her unique vocal talents would complement the track impeccably. Chelsea, equally captivated by the vibrant soundscape TOBY had crafted, agreed to lend her voice to the project.

The collaboration between TOBY and Chelsea Warner was not only a musical partnership but also a meeting of creative minds. Both artists were deeply immersed in the RnB genre, finding inspiration in the likes of Kaytranada. Their shared passion and commitment to creating something extraordinary propelled the project forward.

Over Instagram exchanges and late-night brainstorming sessions, TOBY and Chelsea fine-tuned the track, exploring various sonic avenues until they arrived at the final version that captured the essence of "Aint It". However, as fate would have it, a setback emerged in the form of a hard drive malfunction, threatening to erase months of hard work and creativity.

Despite the setback, TOBY's determination and a stroke of luck led to the preservation of their masterpiece. Thanks to a backup, the final mix mp3 file of "Aint It" survived the digital mishap, ensuring that their artistic journey was not in vain. With renewed energy, TOBY resurrected the project in the following year, determined to share their labor of love with the world.

Fast forward to the present, "Aint It" has officially been released, marking a triumphant moment in both TOBY and Chelsea Warner's careers. The track's infectious rhythms, pulsating beats, and Chelsea's captivating vocals transport listeners to a realm of summer vibes and carefree melodies.

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