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Uplifting Jazz From The Talented Doug Ferony

This latest release from Doug Ferony is utterly delightful. 'I Love You More Today Than Yesterday' is a re-release from Ferony's 10-track album 'You Will Be My Music'. It's a song about devotional love and the joy of being utterly in awe of somebody. This is an uplifting and heart-warming jazz track with gorgeous, waltzing piano at the core as well as a very impressive brass section.

The swing of the rhythm with its wandering bass line is a familiar slice of the jazz music we all love, whilst Ferony's voice delivers something a little new. His specific tone is really quite a joy for the ears, so let him sweep you away off your feet and up into jazz heaven.

All in all, blending traditional jazz with his own unique vocal and lyrics, Ferony is sure to woo you with 'I Love You More Than Yesterday'. It's easy-listening bliss for the soul.

'I Love You More Than Yesterday' is available now on all major digital platforms to stream and download.

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