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US Rock Outfit TWOFEW’s New Single Has Us Dreamin’

TWOFEW began life as the passion project of Michael Lazar, founder of the popular Phoenix rock outfit Complicate/Simple. Following a 20 year hiatus, Lazar picked up the piano again and started crafting new music, which would become the foundations of TWOFEW, a vocal/piano/bass outfit now made up of four members. Their debut release was the haunting ‘On The Run’, which has been followed by latest single ‘Dreamin’.

This is a band making music that is worthy of a headline festival slot. ‘Dreamin’ is proof that this is a band with great songwriting and musical arrangement at its core.

TWOFEW are also excellent lyricists and their songs very much tell a story. Beautiful piano and classic rock guitar licks create the setting for which the story unfolds. This story of a small-town girl with big city dreams, who realizes that sometimes, some things are not all they're cracked up to be, especially when you're with an unfaithful significant other. The lyrics speak from the heart, that place we’ve all felt of entrapment in some form, dreaming of escapism: “She’s sick and tired of this town / Know she’s gotta find a way out / Maybe her prince will come around / Buy her a one-way ticket and she’s gone.” This is a song which has a very filmic quality to it, with both the music, lyrics and vocals being very descriptive, creating an entire universe of their own.

While you’re at it, make sure to watch the video for the single too, which is available online along with the single (free for a very limited time):

The video is at once tongue-in-cheek and comic yet introspective and melancholic at the same time, with scenes of a girl reacting to male advances on the one hand, and then moments which bring to life the concept of the ‘dream’ - those mesmeric dance choreography with cosmic backdrops makes for some brilliant watching.

Connect with TWOFEW:


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