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Velvet Shakes Release Kaleidoscopic Bop 'WORLD'

Velvet Shakes are no strangers to crafting catchy-as-hell music. They write timeless indie-dance tracks injected with something otherwordly. Latest single WORLD is no exception.

This Mancunian group of four have been making stand-out music for just a couple of years now. WORLD, which dropped on the 20th, was written, recorded and produced by vocalist, guitarist and synthist Josh. The band describe the process behind the track...

"Luckily, we were originally going to release the track in April so all the parts from the rest of the band were recorded pre-lockdown. 'World' is about a sort of conscious awakening and the appreciation of our planetary home that came with that - but that's bittersweet... The song was actually sparked off by a time Josh was walking down the street and happened to overhear a random guy say "walking around the world' as part of his conversation - he thought "I like that" and immediately had to write a song about it."

WORLD will have you all boogying and shaking upon first listen. Intoxicating disco groove with Jamiroquai-esque vocals are cleverly intertwined with catchy synth melodies. Their destination may be 'unknown' (as their Spotify biog professes), but we know where it is - headlining a festival main stage.

In fact, Velvet Shakes were set to soar in 2020 with their newly reinvigorated, high energy, charisma filled live show and were confirmed for the likes of Focus Wales and Kendal Calling; building on already established support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, and XS Manchester - but there's always 2021...

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