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Velvet Two Stripes are back with anthemic track ‘The One’

Fierce female rock trio Velvet Two Stripes are gearing up to release their most diverse album to date. Offering a sneak peek of their new project, the band has shared new single, 'The One’.

The song was inspired by band member Sophie Diggelman's first encounter with sleep paralysis and is a mesmerising and enchanting experience for listeners.

According to Velvet Two Stripes, 'The One' takes the listener on a captivating journey driven by the guitar and bass, while the vocals delve deeper into the dream-like experience. The song explores themes of desire and conflict, urging listeners to let go of their fears instead of holding onto them.

Despite their new sound, Velvet Two Stripes has managed to remain true to their garage rock roots while incorporating more spiritual and introspective storytelling into their music. 'The One' is just a taste of what fans can expect from their fourth album, 'No Spell For Moving Water,' set to release on October 6, 2023.

Listen to ‘The One’ below:


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