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Vermont Singer-Actress Penny Towers To Release 10 Song Album/Video Series

Today, Starburst Records recording artist Penny Towers announced her upcoming release of “The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep”, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 episodes.

The project is a collaborative one featuring 7 other recording artists from Starburst Records. All 10 songs and videos tell the story of Ingrid, an L.A. based night club singer in the 1940’s who plays the damsel in distress, hiring Tony Labatchi, the Gumshoe Private Investigator to help her get justice from Bates, the creep who wronged her. What’s truly unique is that Ms. Penny Towers plays all three main characters throughout the entire series, even though only one role is female and the other two are male!

This is a delightful film series with plenty of twists and turns along the way which are sure to have you glued to the edge of your seat. With elements of tragedy and dark humour, you won't forget this after seeing it. Complete with the edgy soundtrack, this is an ambitious project and one which truly pays off. The acting ability of Penny Towers is shown here and we see how versatile she is, with an ability to play very dynamic characters. We love the way that this project has meshed modern elements of cinematography and sound production with a classic film genre at its heart.

The project started when Penny and Jay heard Greg’s LoFi track “Cruisin” which immediately put them in a frame of mind of watching classic Film Noir movies made famous in the USA back in 1940's including The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Sunset Blvd, etc. Expect full-on drama and a mysterious atmosphere throughout, accompanied by sleek musical arrangement.

The album is scheduled for worldwide release on all music streaming platforms on Friday June 4 but an Early Release is now exclusively available on Bandcamp at:


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