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Video Out Now for Bleary's Emo-funk Track 'Weeknight'

Oregon-based rising hip-hop artist Bleary showcases the music video for his track 'Weeknight'. It's a funk meets emo song about the daily grind; pursuing a passion but down on sleep; surrounding yourself with friends after a breakup.

The video is set at one suburban home as a group of friends chill and make music together; there's drink and drugs involved too. Each day of the week appears in text, signifying how the week is rolling on and they're all doing pretty much the same throughout.

Perhaps the diary of an unsigned and ambitious artist who nonetheless has to work a day job to make ends meet too. It's a really candid and personal insight into Bleary's musical world and brings the themes within his music alive. We love the juxtaposition of hard-hitting subject matter with casual everyday scenes as it shows how people face difficulties in their daily life. It isn't set in some futuristic otherworld but rather grounded in the here and now of normal life, and many people are sure to resonate with it and recognise themselves too.

Bleary is an accomplished artist with a fantastic musical arrangement in this track and sleek production. We're happy to have discovered this artist and look forward to more! Keep your eyes and ears peeled and go check out Bleary's latest release here:


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