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Waldeck Unveils Enchanting New Album ‘The Moon and the Orient’

With over 250 million streams and a legacy of music featured in iconic films, TV series, and high-profile commercials, Waldeck is back with a mesmerizing new album, ‘The Moon and the Orient’, released via Dope Noir Records.

Waldeck, a musician with a PhD in law, made his debut in the late ‘90s, helping to launch Viennese electronic music to global fame alongside artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister. His acclaimed album, Ballroom Stories, set a high bar for dance music worldwide, and now he returns with a fresh and enchanting sound.

Having achieved widespread recognition and success with his unique blend of electronic music infused with jazz, swing, and cinematic elements, Waldeck founded his own record label, Dope Noir Records, in 2001. His latest album, The Moon and the Orient, is dedicated to Genies and Scheherazade, capturing the listener with its mysterious and exotic ambiance.

Waldeck often starts his creative process with a concept and builds his tracks around it. However, for this album, he had several blueprints that naturally led him in the right direction. “These tracks are the best of the best that I have always wanted to release, but never found the place for them,” he shares.

While The Moon and the Orient incorporates more electronics than his previous works, it remains classy and sophisticated. The album is a captivating blend of elegant arrangements and evocative rhythms that keep the listener entranced from start to finish. Emotions of longing and exoticism permeate the tracks, creating a sense of wonder and enchantment.

The album tells the tale of a genie who is never truly free. For at least 1001 nights, those who release the 12 Waldeck genies from their oil lamps will charm hearts and ears, whether in ballrooms, on dance floors, or anywhere love is sought. Featuring drag performers Lucy McEvil and Zeebee, and Waldeck’s long-time musical partner Patrizia Ferrara on vocals, the album is a rich tapestry of expressive reality, resonating lyricism, and magical storytelling.

Waldeck’s versatility as an artist shines through in this album, which combines emotional depth with a serene, tranquil sound. Each of the 12 tracks is a masterpiece, encapsulating the spirit of a true work of art. The polished style, thoughtful compositions, and captivating vocals make The Moon and the Orient a sonically diverse journey that transcends boundaries.

On the release, Waldeck comments, “The orient is a wonderful place of stories and imagination. I also like the idea of genies which seem to be the personification of the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’.


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