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We are 'H E A L E D' - Alan Dreezer's Remarkable New Album

UK artist Alan Dreezer has just released his sophomore album 'H E A L E D' and it is sure to heal you. Music is good for the mind and soul, and this album is truly something remarkable in that it is sure to appeal to people from all walks of life. This is an album with a beautiful blend of musical genres, which will take you on a journey from beginning to end. The work is best enjoyed as a whole, but that is not to say you can't enjoy the various singles and individual tracks that appear on there, individually too.

Dreezer has stated that he will be addressing things on this project that he has finally healed from. It is quite appropriate that the album is titled ‘H E A L E D.’ Dreezer explains:

"My experience of being a part-time dad, of lost friends and troubled relationships, stories my friends have told me, and of the positive people still in my life have cleansed my mind and I feel thankful for every one of those experiences good and bad. They have helped me make the most considered collection of material I have ever written."

One of my favourite tracks on this new album is the previously released single titled ‘Any Way I Can.’ It has a snazzy melody and infectious beat. The instrumentation almost has a tropical sound, but the prevailing feeling is that of a club. Alan’s vocals are brilliant and float majestically.

‘Sun don’t always shine, shining anyway.’

‘People be so cruel. I’m kind to them anyway.’

The song has a message of not letting outside circumstances get in the way of who you are or your purpose. It is one of my favorites of the five singles released in the lead up to the full album dropping. I also love 'Equal' with its funky urban-tinged groove; it's kaleidoscopic electronic sounds will open your mind and have you moving at the same time, as Dreezer's memorable voice is sure to have you reflecting. Thanks to Alan Dreezer, we can all be healed.

The album is out now to stream and download on all the major platforms.


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