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We Chat To The Remarkable Van Hechter

Van Hechter is a Montreal-based pop artist with an edge, His tracks are catchy and always easy to dance to… — He grew up between Canada, France and the U.S.A. Join us as we chat to him about his life, inspirations and music.

Firstly, who is Van Hechter?

He is a fictional character based on the truest- most authentic version of me- the me I couldn't be in ''normal'' society. Van is vain and arrogant, but he also believes in miracles. He has faith in humanity- you'll never convince him that evil wins. He loves almost too passionately.

What’s the music scene like in Montreal, where you’re based?

God I wish you hadn't asked that question... I think it's a very vibrant scene - but it has no openings for me. I am forced to export myself to make a decent living. For some reason what I do contradicts most of what Quebec likes. Glitz is considered shallow. My humor doesn't come across nor does the social criticism... My ''playing'' a snobbish character doesn't work - people take it for face value. I set foot in NYC or in the UK; almost everybody gets it... Still I'll remain based in Montreal - I love it too much.

It must have been pretty crazy growing up across three different cities, right?

Kids adapt so easily... It showed me different view points, different mentalities... Very positive while growing up, actually... I went to this really posh French Lycée... Then there were months by the sea in France, Cape Cod and Florida with occasional short trips to Italy or Spain. It wasn't abnormal for me. I think that the crazy bit was loosing my mother just a few days before my 4th Birthday- that was unsettling.

So you believe in the power of humour and dance, tell us more!

Life is beautiful but hard. We all go through deception, failure, loss, rejection, betrayal, illness at one point or another. I truly believe that happy people know to laugh at almost everything... Dancing, celebrating, being joyous are necessary to the soul!

What’s your songwriting process?

As ''basic'' as it sounds, I need to tune into myself without thinking logically. This often happens while walking - preferably by the ocean but a dirty city will do too hahahaha. I've never sat down to write a song. It always comes while in motion.

What’s a typical day in the studio look like for you?

Well- first I have a heart to heart with my associate Eryck Wyseman and his wife when she's around. It's very warm. We always ''catch up'' first- then we get to work. I arrive very prepared. I like studio days to be magical- breezy. So I work like a slave beforehand.

What can we expect for the rest of the year from Van Hechter?

I am releasing 4 new singles in New York City this year; Independence Day, Halloween and New Year's Eve. Of all cities to launch new songs! I can't wait.

What’s the meaning behind your new track “I Am"?

The point is; ''Dare to be yourself fully- no matter what anybody says''... I still think many people try to conform when they really would feel happier if they just allowed their real selves to shine.

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