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Wellbeloved Releases ‘The Rusty’

‘The Rusty’ is the perfect title for this new album because the music is

unrefined and makes you want to shake the rust off and get into this

10-song set. With elements of indie rock, post-punk rock, progressive

and alternative, Wellbeloved delivers an unconventional style that gets

right down to ‘The Rusty’. If you’re in the mood for something

different, then ‘The Rusty’ by Wellbeloved might be your ticket!

Wellbeloved is made up of: David Wellbeloved on vocals & guitar, Charlie

Kramer on lead guitar & lap steel, Bracken Hendricks on drums &

background vocals, Jeff Grosfeld on bass & organ, David Crandall on

tenor sax & harmonica, Gaither Pratt on baritone sax and Julie Sincore &

Aaron Margosis on additional vocals. ‘The Rusty’ was recorded and mixed

at Inner Ear Studio by Don Zientara and the album was produced by Don

Zientara & David Wellbeloved. ‘The Rusty’ was released under LifeSkills

Records and it is said that “Wellbeloved is perhaps the most important

indie rock artist that you’ve (probably) never heard of”. With that

being said, this is the first studio recording from David Wellbeloved in

over 25 years, so with heavy anticipation we’re ready to dive in!

Right from the start, the listener will get hit with a raw sound along

with nitty-gritty, guitar playing on ”Jump into the Fire”. Wellbeloved

opens up with edgy vocals and an alternative vibe to go along with a

unique format/structure on “Jump into the Fire”. Next, Wellbeloved is

digging deep lyrically on “Thankful (Not Fire)” where you will hear a

low-key approach and emotional words. On track three, “They Fall”, one

will receive a bit of a dreary tone and also sense that “They Fall” and

fall hard! “Freedom is a Shotgun” is shooting into your eardrums next

with lyrical bullets penetrating your brain. “Freedom is a Shotgun” is

short but stout where Wellbeloved has plenty of musical ammunition. Get

ready to stumble into the next number where Wellbeloved is laggin’ &

draggin’ at a slow pace and staggering along to “Green Line to U”. The

audience is being served a drunken punch of audio brew on “Green Line to

U”, so cheers everyone! Track six, “Sell It to the World”, provides a

unique delivery musically that will send your mind into a whirlwind as

you enter a warped reality. With lines like “Where is the mute?” AND

“Civilization going right down the drain”, the following installment

called “The Values” is an ear-opening experience and a direct wake up

call to society. “The Values” is constantly buzzing in your ears and

leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Track nine, “Now! Now!

Now!”, certainly gets your attention where Wellbeloved puts together a

really good instrumental piece that keeps you engaged from beginning to

end. Wellbeloved ends on a high note with “(I See)” where the listener

receives a soft touch musically but with very strong lyrics in place.

“(I See)” that Wellbeloved has a lot on his mind by the end of the album

and expresses it wonderfully.

I am eager to see & hear where Wellbeloved heads next because I feel

there are many twists & turns still to come. For now, enjoy ‘The Rusty’

that is against the grain and dares listeners to think outside the box

when it comes to music creation. The material on this record may be an

acquired taste for some but deserves a hearty listen and the utmost

respect. Wellbeloved shouldn’t be taken lightly because ‘The Rusty’ is

clambering its way into your speakers, headphones and ear canals one

distorted note at a time. JR

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