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WonderCurrent Hits on ALL Levels with New Release

WonderCurrent is a new collaboration between Minneapolis singer-songwriter Dave Dvorak (of Zoë Says Go) and veteran producer/musician J.J. Benson (Lolo’s Ghost, Courtney Yasmineh band). The self-titled, debut album, ‘WonderCurrent’, covers the highs and lows of life while also focusing on societal issues. WonderCurrent delivers a wide range of material that is all musically rich and relevant. The ups, the downs and everything else in between, WonderCurrent tackles it all on this new record. Covering a wide spectrum of content, ‘WonderCurrent’ appears to have something for everyone. With a healthy mix of songs, WonderCurrent delivers the goods for ALL to hear on the new album.

The record kicks off with “Things That Matter Most” helping listeners come to the realization what is truly important in one’s life. A pleasant melody, friendly vibe and positive punch are all a direct hit on “Things That Matter Most”. Key lyrics in the song are “It’s a brand new day” giving a person hope that with each new day comes a new start and newfound promise. Potent lyrics continue to penetrate your ears on “Guernica” where the words certainly strike a chord within the listener. “Guernica” includes enriching and strong material that truly speaks to a wide audience. Track three, “Mona Lisa Smile”, immediately pulls you in with its catchy tone. Just as the famous Mona Lisa painting attracts many artgoers and fans of priceless art, “Mona Lisa Smile” also appeals to dedicated musicgoers who appreciate high quality music. WonderCurrent heads into “September” next where the musical temperature is just right and the emotional backdrop is on full display. Welcome “Home” where WonderCurrent delivers an inviting, fan-friendly performance for the ages. With meaningful lyrics that warm your heart & soul, the listener will definitely feel at “Home” listening to this song. We travel through “Bohemian Flats” next where a nice flow merges with lighthearted, witty lyrics. Track seven, “Pale Blue Dot”, offers up an appealing sound that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Musically & lyrically, “Pale Blue Dot” is spot on and I also really enjoyed the arrangement here. WonderCurrent provides a creative spin on numbers on “Things You Cannot Measure” all to the beat of a fun-filled scene that will make you sway & dance. On track nine, “What Remains of the Day”, one will stop, think and contemplate for a second about the wonders of life. With lines like “They say free will is a blessing and a curse,” one can’t help but to ponder these profound thoughts and let it all simmer inside. “Seeds of Hope” are planted deep within your eardrums on the final track as this song will certainly grow on you and your conscience. “It’s a perfect day to plant our garden”, so grab your “Seeds of Hope” and go out and spread them far & near. The uplifting spirit on “Seeds of Hope” is infectious and will fill your day with joy. I am highly impressed with WonderCurrent’s efforts here and honestly I am shocked that this is a debut release for the creative duo. ‘WonderCurrent’ is a fine-tuned machine with well-written songs and well-played music that has a refined texture. One would think WonderCurrent has been making music for years, but that is not the case. I am excited for the journey to continue for WonderCurrent, but for now enjoy the first chapter that is ‘WonderCurrent’…in a broad nutshell.

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