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Young Jimmy breathes new life into Nirvana classic 'Come As You Are'

Hailing from the Bronx in NYC and as seen in CLASH & Wordplay Magazine, Young Jimmy is an alternative rock artist and “Hood Rocker”. Set to release a reinvisioned rendition of the 1991 grunge anthem ‘Come As You Are’, the Nirvana single was featured on the GRAMMY Award winning Album ‘Nevermind’ and reflects the essence of what Young Jimmy stands for. Affirming Cobain’s storytelling and message to the masses, Nirvana producer Butch Vig told NPR: "I think that song is about acceptance, and about misfits [...] 'Come As You Are' is an ode to accepting someone for who they are."

Holding sentimental value and childhood memories, the timeless classic proved a perfect tune for Young Jimmy to experiment with. Like many who relate to the angst of Cobain in ‘Come As You Are', Young Jimmy uses the song to reflect on his own experiences as an outsider and his experiences growing up in an environment dominated by hip-hop, gangs, and gun violence.

A spirited and intoxicating re-delivery, Young Jimmy showcases his full breadth of musical prowess in this offering. Check it out now.

Stream 'Come As You Are' here:


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