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YUPHORIC shares new track + video "MOM'S Song"

YUPHORIC is a Berlin-based, broken beats, hip-hop, soul & electronica duo featuring producer and multi instrumentalists Yuval Gantz & Phøn (Ron Warburg). The two met right after graduating high school in 2012 in Tel Aviv, where a mix of jams, hangs and hash led them to understand their own musical taste & language. The pair started working together in 2020 co-writing and producing with integral artists from the Berlin music scene, such as Sedric Perry, Mike Nasa, Noah Slee, Meron, K.ZIA, Rodes Rollins and other international artists.

"MOM'S Song" is the second single release of the upcoming album NEW NORMAL and features fellow Berlin artist MERON. The song naturally came to be during a discussion with MERON. After a long week of writing sessions, the artists talked about striving to be an artist when those around you doubt your path. A few minutes later, Yuval grabbed the guitar and started playing the beginning progression of the song, MERON started singing the verse, which led to Phøn playing the chorus piano hook. Throughout this week of creating YUPHORIC and MERON constantly experimented with different writing approaches and on that day everything seemed very effortless.

Talking about the track, YUPHORIC explain: “Striving to be an artist when those around you doubt your path - this song represents the persistence we need to stay on our given path, and follow through.“.

Watch the video below:


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