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ZOSU releases atmospheric new track "Higher"

ZUSO is Gabriel Cuenca's musical project. The Australian producer is known to produce atmospheric-house music. His style is comparable to a blend of Lane 8, Flume, and Rufus Du Sol. Recently, Gabriel has been occupied creating a new collection singles, which he will release throughout the year, starting with 'Higher' a few days ago.

According to Gabriel, the main idea behind the ZUSO project is to create music that people can immerse themselves in and escape to. He accomplishes this by constructing intricate soundscapes that are filled with dreamy atmospherics and uplifting ambiance. If the first single is any indication, we can expect a lot of high-quality music from ZUSO in the upcoming months.

Talking about the story behind the song, ZOSU explains: "The idea for ‘Higher’ came from me stumbling across this sample/template online. It was a fast-paced drum and bass styled beat with these somewhat dreamy pads and chords as the melodies. It’s the first time for me experimenting with a fast tempo drum & bass styled track, but I felt it fit my vibe really well and thought it was really cool. As a lot of the stuff I work on is focused around progressive house/melodic beats, I thought it would be interesting to change it up and still keep that dreamy atmospheric type of vibe, just with a faster beat."

Connect with ZUSO: Facebook | TikTok | Instagram


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