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44 Ardent Unleashes Mesmerizing Indie-Dance Vibes with 'onlyknow'

Australian producer 44 Ardent continues his prolific streak, unveiling his latest single 'onlyknow', a captivating blend of chilled indie-dance and house music. Released under Mammal Sounds Records, 'onlyknow' is now available for streaming here.

44 Ardent, often drawing comparisons to the likes of Caribou, Tourist, and Odesza, has crafted a distinctive sound that effortlessly weaves together melodic elements and layers with a dark, driving bassline. 'onlyknow' stands as a testament to the artist's vision, providing a genuine representation of the 44 Ardent project.

In a recent statement, 44 Ardent shared insights into the creative process behind 'onlyknow': "When I first started 44 Ardent, this is the sort of song I wanted to make. Lots of melodic elements and layers with a dark driving bassline. The vocal was actually taken from a different demo idea from ages ago, but I sped it up and changed the pitch + it ended up fitting perfectly."

The artist acknowledges the unpredictable nature of creativity, admitting that sometimes, "creativity has a mind of its own." Despite this, 'onlyknow' serves as a glimpse into the essence of 44 Ardent's musical journey. The track is not just a sonic experience but a narrative of the artist's evolution.

Known for his consistent output, 44 Ardent has been treating fans to a new single every couple of weeks in recent months. 'onlyknow' adds another layer to his growing discography, promising an exciting musical journey for listeners.

The release of 'onlyknow' comes with the exciting announcement of an upcoming EP before the end of the year. Fans can eagerly anticipate further explorations into 44 Ardent's sonic universe, where creativity knows no bounds.


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