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Larry Thomas Moore Jr Sets the Bar High with "Same Way"

Alabama-based singer-songwriter Larry Thomas Moore Jr. returns to the music scene with his latest single, "Same Way," showcasing his 28-year-long journey as an independent artist. With impeccable songwriting and high production quality, Moore sets a standard that exemplifies his dedication to his craft.

"Same Way" is a vibrant blend of blues and rock, reflecting Moore's unique style and musical prowess. The track is filled with dynamic acoustic guitar work, both in rhythm and lead, demonstrating Moore's skilful musicianship honed since the debut of his solo career in 2023. 

Throughout his career, Moore has developed a reputation for crafting joyful tracks that delve into intimate thematic topics. "Same Way" continues this tradition, with lyrics that delve into Moore's own shortcomings while highlighting the universal themes of love, passion, and commitment. As Moore continues to release singles, it's evident that there is much more to come from this seasoned artist. With each track, including "Same Way" and his previous releases, Moore captivates listeners with his compelling storytelling and authentic musical style.


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