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A Fusion of Pop & Experimental: Marq Electronica’s New Single ‘Bad Bones’

Marq Electronica has a super striking new single out now. 'Bad Bones' is trippy and dreamy, whilst delivering a potent and clear message from a political-standpoint. Frustrated with the current political landscape, Marq has made sure to accompany his song with a powerful visual.

The accompanying music video for the single is pretty damn mesmerising. It’s made up of a montage of black and white photos and videos, along with a burst of colour here and there. Words such as 'Money' and 'Propaganda' appear, showcasing the political message at the song’s core.

'Bad Bones' is a fusion of pop and experimental, calling to mind the likes of Daft Punk, Massive Attack and Depeche Mode. The song is out now to stream and download on all digital platforms, whilst the video is available to watch on Youtube.

Listen HERE & watch the video:

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