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A pop-rock gem from Adry: New Single 'Well'

Adry recently released his captivating new single 'Well'. Join us as we take a listen to this pop-rock gem and get to discover a little more about this talented artist...

Adry’s first album, ‘Rule of Sadness’, was released in 2009. With over thirty thousand downloads, Adry became an instant hit. He then released the hit album ‘Blue Lights’, followed by the singles ‘Place’, ‘Together’ and ‘Pretty’ from the upcoming album ‘Notes’. Now he returns with 'Well' and well, we're not disappointed.

There is an entrancing feel to this track, with a hypnotic lead vocal throughout. There's just the right amount of reverb to add drama, and a great tone to the artist's voice that cuts through the mix beautifully. Couple this with solid music production and arrangement, and you have a great track with a classic rock feel at its core. Elements of modern electronica and synth add a new and fresh dynamic to the song however, and create something entirely unique. We love the Depeche Mode feel of the choruses with its distorted guitar and synths, while the vocal melody is uplifting with an anthemic quality.

All in all, this song has a lot of atmosphere. In particular, there's a gorgeous Spanish guitar part in the bridge. The song expertly builds tension and then release, and it makes for a smooth and highly enjoyable listening experience. We definitely want to press repeat too after it's finished - always a good sign!

Here’s what the artist himself has got to say about this new single release:

“Well, it’s been a while, right!? I’ve been on a journey with music over the years and this track is pretty much the product of that. I penned the lyrics in a Berlin hotel room and recorded it at studios in London and the USA. Writing on the road opens up a whole new world of inspiration, fusing different cultures and emotions. The result? ‘Well’, check it out for yourself."

Watch the brilliant lyric video below:

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