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Alan Drye shares new folk gem "Goodbye"

The talented independent singer-songwriter, Alan Drye, is embarking on a new chapter in his musical journey with the release of his second single titled "Goodbye". After captivating our hearts with his debut single, "Mama", Alan Drye continues to enchant us with his authentic lyrics and mesmerizing melodies.

"Goodbye" serves as a poignant meditation on lost love and the inevitable passage of time, showcasing Alan Drye's narrative talent and emotional expression. With a delicate balance between nostalgia and melancholy, this song deeply resonates with listeners, evoking memories that are now tucked away in the past.

Drawing influences from artists like The National, Bon Iver, John Mayer, and Dermot Kennedy, "Goodbye" represents a significant step forward in the singer's musical evolution. This folk-infused track intricately weaves a tale of melancholic romance, transporting listeners to a tranquil park on a wintry day. The gentle piano and guitar harmonies create an ambiance that mirrors the emotions of reminiscing about a love that once was. With profound lyrics and sincere melodies, "Goodbye" seamlessly fits into playlists designed for introspective moments.

As a passionate independent artist, Alan Drye aims to reach an even broader audience and share his music with the world. With "Goodbye", he seeks to establish a deeper connection with his audience and establish himself as a promising voice in the contemporary music industry.


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