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Alternative duo Hàn Gắn unveil anthemic single ‘New Terms’

Based in Washington D.C., Hàn Gắn, a music duo, seamlessly weaves together elements of post-rock, post-punk, hardcore, singer-songwriter, and darkwave to produce a unique sound. Founded in 2017 by Matthew T. Eng and J. Brian Nicewander, the duo draws on their personal experiences and critiques political cultures through their music.

Their latest release, 'New Terms', is a raw and compelling anthem that combines punk and indie rock. This captivating powerhouse is a raucous callout of destructive people and systems that no longer serve us.

According to Hàn Gắn, "New Terms" is a boisterous critique of outdated attitudes, people, and systems. In addition to the lead track, the single includes two new tracks: 'Patterns in Vivo' and 'Before The Bomb'.

With 'New Terms', Hàn Gắn demonstrates their ability to blend punk and indie rock to create an infectious and potent sound that is both timely and timeless.

Listen to ‘New Terms’ below:

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