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Anastasia Solay's "Start a Fire": Igniting Passion in Musical Diversity

Anastasia Solay, the Swiss singer-songwriter, sets the music scene alight with her latest single, "Start a Fire." Known for her eclectic sound and masterful songwriting, Solay's music defies categorization, drawing from an array of genres including jazz, trip-hop, soul, and indie.

 In "Start a Fire," Solay's signature style shines through. The track seamlessly blends indie-pop with soulful and cinematic elements, evoking a sense of grandeur akin to a scene from a James Bond film. Anchored by pulsating electric guitars and basslines, adorned with intricate drum patterns, and embellished with delicate touches of harp, violins, and music box elements, the song creates a rich and immersive sonic landscape. Solay's vocals soar above, delivering a performance brimming with emotion and intensity, capturing the essence of personal transformation and growth. 

Born in San Francisco and now based in Geneva, Anastasia Solay's musical journey has been one of exploration and evolution. Her diverse background and influences are evident in her music, which reflects a blend of cultural experiences and artistic inspirations. From intimate jazz clubs in London to soulful reggae sessions, Solay's musical palette is as diverse as her life's journeey.


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