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Angael Drops Mesmerizing New Single “All Leopard”

If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish, Raye, Lana Del Rey, or even Jay Z, get ready to add Angael to your playlist. The UK-based singer-songwriter is back with a new track, “All Leopard”, which will surely be a hit.

Angael has been crafting her unique sound since she started writing songs in 2013. Initially the frontwoman for indie rock band Rilke, she transitioned to her solo career in 2021, bringing a fresh and innovative approach to her music. Her journey has taken her from intimate open mic nights to prestigious venues like Manchester's Night and Day Cafe, culminating in a nomination for the American Express Unsigned Awards.

Drawing inspiration from early 2000s pop icons like Dido, Sugababes, and Robbie Williams, as well as Timbaland's gritty, catchy sounds, Angael’s music is a delightful blend of modern and nostalgic influences. Her latest release, “All Leopard”, perfectly encapsulates this fusion, seamlessly merging pop, hip-hop, and alternative elements to create a captivating soundscape.

“All Leopard” is an alt-pop/hip-hop record that oscillates between chill vibes and bold, in-your-face moments. The track's dynamic production features a drum kit, piano, electric guitar, synth bass, and playful samples, all accentuated by Angael’s intriguing vocals. From the first note, her voice draws you in, weaving a tale of modern romance and the perils of online dating.

The inspiration for “All Leopard” is as eclectic as Angael herself. After exploring the roots of pop music in traditional Swedish folk, she found a new appreciation for traditional English folk music. The track’s production, influenced by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne”, blends perfectly with Angael’s love for the femininity of artists like Billie Eilish, Raye, and Lana Del Rey. The drums, inspired by “Empire State of Mind”, add a powerful rhythm, while the synth bass injects a gritty, vibrant energy.

Collaborating with producer Soundmason (Lupe Fiasco), Angael created the vocal melody and lyrics, capturing the nonchalant attitude towards the risks of modern dating. As she explains, “With this 'Watch The Throne' inspired beat, I nonchalantly deliberate over the perils of online dating, endless disappointment, and navigating staying safe as a woman in the digital dating age. When I say 'Have you heard I like to slumber,' I’m actually referring to hitting snooze on my dating life, then following through post-exchange of numbers. But it’s also open to interpretation.”


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