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Anonymous Metal Band Plagues Release Defiant New Single ‘Resurgence’

Anonymous Metal band ‘Plagues’ releases their latest single ‘Resurgence’. Born out of the chaos of 2020 in the UK, Plagues has blossomed into a captivating theatrical metal phenomenon amassing a devoted following for their mesmerizing compositions and captivating lore.

"Resurgence" stands as a testament to Plagues' autonomy and artistic prowess. The track, self-produced and recorded, unleashes a sonic barrage that draws inspiration from cinematic compositions, seamlessly interwoven with their Metal/Metalcore foundation. The result is a monumental wall of sound, where orchestral and acoustic elements collide with distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drum lines—a symphony of resilience echoing against the canvas of adversity.

Xy’lothra, the spectral protagonist in Plagues' narrative, sheds light on the epic tale within "Resurgence." It narrates the summoning of the Scholars of Light to confront an imminent existential threat. The song transcends its musical identity, morphing into a potent anthem that resonates with the universal struggle to find strength amidst perceived weakness.


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