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  • Sasha Renn

Phil Ireland's Latest Single 'Coming Alive' Is Unwaveringly Empowering

Phil Ireland is back with another infectiously energetic single. ‘Coming Alive’, released early this month, is the recent offering from the rising rock star. His unique brand of rock blends pop, soul, and rock traditions into a signature genre-blurring sound, and ‘Coming Alive’ is yet another masterclass in his dynamic intertwining of influence. 

The single pulsates with driving guitar riffs and complex drum rhythms. Synths swim through the energetic soundscape and underpin the traditional rock score. ‘Coming Alive’ feels like a tribute to the rock powerhouses before him, yet this track is no pastiche. Embedding the electronic elements of synthesisers, electric guitars and thick distortion beneath his powerful vocal persona is a nod to the 2000s Ireland’s influences of Muse, The Killers, and Paramore. Yet, Phil Ireland makes the genre his own. His contemplating, often poetic lyricism is a signature facet of Ireland’s artistry, and in ‘Coming Alive’ it’s no different. There’s an innate empowerment to a track called ‘Coming Alive,’ but delving into the lyrics of this track you uncover new layers of meaning; “just when you thought I’d die, I’m coming alive!” exclaims Phil Ireland in each chorus. Whilst it’s hard to pinpoint who Phil Ireland is talking to in this track, he leaves enough room for the listener to input their own meaning. With each verse, the vivid imagery is extended further and further. Phil Ireland’s lyricism assuredly sets him apart from other rock acts rising the ranks at present. It is empowering, energetic, and infectious. Reflecting on his latest single, he shares,

"Some songs fall out of the sky, and this one did. I sat in my studio with my bass and wrote the lyrics, bass, and guitar in about 10 minutes. I showed it to my bandmates and, as a group, we fell in love with it."

This single comes off the back of his debut single ‘Ruling Days. This album is made up of ten tracks demonstrating Ireland’s signature genre-fusing stylings. With a career spanning over fifteen years, Ireland has carved out his own path with his ever-evolving artistry. With a successful track record of supporting renowned artists such as Tony Hadley, Go West, and T'Pau, Ireland brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to each release. As an artist, Phil Ireland is unafraid to expand his cultivated artistry with relentless reinvention and this latest single, ‘Coming Alive,’ is yet another chapter in Ireland’s ever-expanding, illustrious discography.

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