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Aural Air Paints Sonic Canvases with "Imagined Pastures" EP

In the expansive realm of dream-folk and ethereal melodies, Aural Air, the musical alter ego of London-based Irish singer-songwriter Laura Rai, unveils her latest creation – the hauntingly beautiful EP, "Imagined Pastures."

Aural Air's music, often likened to the evocative sounds of Jeff Buckley and Anna Calvi, emerges as a unique and introspective force, echoing through the corridors of nostalgia and self-discovery. The prelude to the EP, showcased in singles like "Painted by Numbers" and "Karman Line," acts as a musical overture. These tracks serve as glimpses into Aural Air's sonic palette, offering a taste of the ethereal and immersive experience that "Imagined Pastures" promises to deliver.

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The third single, "Night by Night," adds another layer to the narrative, exploring the debris of a past relationship. Aural Air's signature use of delay and modulation on the guitar weaves a sonic tapestry that mirrors the ebb and flow of emotions – a poignant reminder that echoes of the past often linger in the present.

With "Imagined Pastures," Aural Air crafts an immersive experience, inviting audiences to wander through the landscapes of her imagination. As the EP takes flight, Aural Air stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, guiding listeners through intricate storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes.


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