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Avant-Garde Rapper CHOZE Impresses with Experimental Album 'D.I.Y'

D.I.Y, CHOZE’s most recent album, is one of experimental nature and we can hear this from the beginning, as the intro track BADDERZ starts with some unusual sounds that you’d imagine you’d hear in outer space. As the sound increases in volume, it becomes a rock-style guitar with a news reporter-esque vocal over the top, warning the listener of strong language and the album’s intention to ‘educate critics who don’t socialise in the poetic environment’. I can’t think of any other rap albums I’ve heard that start this way. This assures the listener straight away that CHOZE is an avant-garde rapper.

CHOZE’s attention-grabbing beats throughout D.I.Y are backed up by various fascinating sound effects, including the extremely bassy synth sounds in DRUG MUZIK, which increases in pitch and sounds like a motorbike getting faster and faster. As one of the songs of quickest tempo on the album, this sound fits perfectly.

BUILT 4 DIS represents one of numerous collaborations, as LIONART features with great effect. There’s a point in the song where they alternate line by line, and their differing voices sound brilliant bouncing off one another. LIONART’s bold and brash rapping style sounds in its element alongside the filthy, gritty grime sounds in this track.

CHOZE takes a step back with D.I.Y Interlude, acting as a break in the album’s high energy, with this short spoken-word piece by the London rapper, talking of society’s cruel expectations. The sound effects in the background are hollow and soft, as the strings section of an orchestra might sound when placed in a church. It’s easy to see that CHOZE puts a lot of effort into the musical elements of the album, as they always compliment the lyrical side perfectly.

The album ender, YOU, is an introspective, personal song about himself and his gratitude towards his mother. Lyrics like ‘but instead I chose to become a hustling wordsmith’ and ‘had depression resting on both of your shoulders’ display CHOZE being vulnerable and opening up about his childhood, acknowledging his mum’s struggles. Throughout the song, we hear the word ‘you’ sang every four bars, right to the end where there’s another public service announcement style vocal, thanking the audience for listening.

CHOZE has done a great job of crafting this body of work in a unique, original way, and he deserves all the praise he gets for this album.

Check out his social media profiles, @chozeofficial on all sites. You can also find him on YouTube:


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