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Azul Kechi Releases Powerful New Single ‘Crazy Dreams’

With a trail of bright and innovative tracks already under her belt, South London-based, British-Nigerian Azul Kechi continues her musical ascent with the gusty new single ‘Crazy Dreams’. Coming from her eagerly-awaited debut album ‘Celestial Love’, this new offering makes for a superbly earnest and inviting listen.

With influences ranging from Amy Winehouse, Betty Davis and Lauryn Hill, Azul Kechi crafts a sound that blends soul, pop and R&B to create a vivid and powerful soundscape, emboldened by the songwriters lyrical artistry. ‘Crazy Dreams’ is a showcase of the artist’s uniquely sophisticated genre-blending, with her personality-saturated vocals effortlessly floating over the track. Blending a feisty attitude with almost mystical lyricism, ‘Crazy Dreams’ is equal parts sensitivity and fun.

The track reflects on Azul’s journey of self-discovery, the singer questioning reality and getting in touch with her unconscious self – producing a vibrant funky dance-pop track, which utilises Kechi’s sublime vocals. Backed by an assortment of organic instrumentation, ‘Crazy Dreams’ is an eclectic and exciting musical showcase.

Listen to Crazy Dreams


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