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Beldon Haigh Releases Timely Satirical Anthem 'Elected' Ahead of UK General Election

Beldon Haigh has unveiled a compelling new satirical track just in time for the upcoming UK General Election on July 4th.

Titled "Elected," the song seamlessly weaves together elements of pop, rock, and punk, immediately capturing attention with its infectious chorus. Fronted by Justin Skelton, the band uses witty lyrics to underscore a broader theme of disillusionment with political rhetoric, while urging listeners to engage in the democratic process.

Skelton’s vocal performance is particularly noteworthy, blending nostalgic '80s influences with a contemporary flair that enhances the song’s relevance and impact. His dynamic delivery breathes life into the lyrics, adding depth and intensity to the band’s vibrant sound.

Originally written decades ago by Skelton and performed by the Falkirk-based Breakfast Boyz, this 2024 rendition of "Elected" has been meticulously upgraded for Beldon Haigh’s upcoming live performances at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe festival. The song’s ability to resonate across generations underscores its enduring relevance in today's political climate.

Accompanied by a visually striking music video set on Falkirk High Street, featuring realistic masks of political figures like Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong-un, crafted by Landon Meier, the video injects humor and satire into its portrayal of political campaigns. This combination of sharp social commentary and engaging visuals positions Beldon Haigh’s latest release as not only a musical standout but also a cultural critique. As the UK election season unfolds, Beldon Haigh’s "Elected" aims to spark meaningful dialogue while entertaining audiences with its dynamic musicality and incisive lyrics.

Beldon Haigh is renowned for their music that challenges societal norms and critiques consumerism, all while celebrating the power of real instruments and intricate arrangements. Based in Scotland, the band uses their platform to provoke thought and entertain, ensuring their messages resonate while maintaining a commitment to artistic excellence.

Listen to ‘Elected’ on SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC 



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