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‘Bellhoss’ Drops Captivating New Single ‘Better Now’

Denver-based indie band bellhoss has dropped their latest single, "Better Now," blending the vibes of Waxahatchee, ALVVAYS, and Soccer Mommy. With a fusion of folk and DIY punk, the track delivers punchy defiance, featuring captivating harmonies, catchy guitar hooks, and driving basslines, all underlined by lead singer Becky Hostetler's charming vocals.

Becky Hostetler describes the song's emotional impact, saying, "I felt emotionally nauseous until I wrote this song/ I feel…better now that it’s out in the world."

bellhoss was conceived by Becky Hostetler in 2017 after her move from Southern California to Denver, Colorado. Starting as a solo project, bellhoss evolved through collaborations with various artists, ultimately forming the current live lineup: Neil McCormick (Bass), Michael Everett (Drums), Nirantha Balogopal (Lead Guitar), and Sarah Ault (backing vocals).

Watch Below:


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