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BIRTHE's New Single ‘Strangers’ Brings a Summer Heatwave

Belgium’s own singer-songwriter sensation, BIRTHE, is back with her electrifying new single, ‘Strangers’. For fans of Olivia Dean, Luis Fonsi, Camila Cabello, Shakira, and Becky G, this track is your next summer anthem. ‘Strangers’ is a bold blend of pop and soul, infused with vibrant Latin-pop rhythms that will have you dancing from the first beat.

BIRTHE's journey to this standout track began a year ago, sparked by an impromptu moment of creativity in her kitchen. The chorus, born from a casual improvisation, evolved into a full-fledged song during a dynamic session with producer OSKI. The result? A perfect showcase of BIRTHE’s versatility and emotional depth.

The track’s autobiographical roots delve into the complexities of a toxic relationship, with BIRTHE’s lyrics reflecting the push and pull of love and heartbreak. Featuring a rich tapestry of drums, percussion (Conga), bass, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, and piano, ‘Strangers’ represents her intricate musicality.

BIRTHE herself describes ‘Strangers’ as a journey through attraction and repulsion, ending with the ultimate act of letting go. The summery vibe and her enchanting vocals create an irresistible listening experience, transporting fans into a world of evocative soundscapes.

With a discography already garnering significant press and international radio play, BIRTHE is set to dominate 2024. Catch her live this summer at key Belgian venues, including Boomfest and Rijvers Festival. Stay updated via her website for all the latest news and tour dates.

Live Dates

June 8: Ursel Fair

July 18: Bavet Carpet Ostend

August 2: Donk Concerts

August 10: Casino Middelkerke

August 17: Rijvers Festival

September 7: Boomfest


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