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Blue Kubricks Pull You Into The Riot

Funk-rock quartet Blue Kubricks are back with a song that truly packs a punch. After recently signing with Monomyth Records, 'Latin' is their debut offering with the label, and it does not disappoint.

Blue Kubricks, based in Leeds, UK, comprise of Jim (Vocals/Guitar), Jesse (Drums), Alex (Bass) and Jacob (Guitar). They fuse rock, punk and indie-pop to create a unique musical melange.

Blue Kubricks' new single 'Latin' is an unapologetically riotous adventure into indie-rock lands entirely unique to the band. This song hits you from the very beginning, and is a raucous track that is sure to awaken you if you're feeling a little sleepy(!). It is a refreshing slice of bold punk that will have fists raised in the air and beer splashing in the air when gigs open back up again. Attitude-drenched lead vocals demand your full attention. A kick-ass guitar solo delights your senses two-thirds in; further testimony to the outstanding musicianship of this band as a whole. There are traces of Bloc Party in the feel of this track, as well as early Kings of Leon. We're loving it.

Stream it loud:


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