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Bosola Set To Release Alt-Rock Anthem 'Me on a Good Day'

“You, on a good day.” We all remember that infamous slogan from Berocca. Well, Bosola has turned this phrase on its’ head in their upcoming single ‘Me on a Good Day’. In a single rife with themes of detachment, loss of faith and falling out of love with the modern world, this catchphrase parody makes this single an intensely relatable remark on a society easing out of isolation.

Bosola’s singer, guitar and writer says of the single…

“The song was written at a time in my life in which the curtains all were drawn back at the

same time… everything started to feel pointless and I felt tired all the time. Existing almost entirely on cigarettes and black coffee, my parents suggested I might benefit from a more varied diet. I started taking two Berocca in the morning. At the time the slogan of Berocca was 'You, on a good day'. I reworked the slogan as a sarcastic and barbed reminder of my inadequacy and apathy at the time.”

Throughout their discography, Bosola has boasted a sound swimming in hypnotic hooks, driving drum lines and generous guitar grooves. What shines brightly in this single is the dynamic nature of Bosola’s musical range. One moment we are lulled into their softer sounds reminiscent of The Smiths and the next we are called into a chorus crescendo, harkening back to Holy Bible era Manic Street Preachers. Bosola’s range of musicality makes for mesmerising listening.

Perhaps, with the upcoming release of Bosola’s new single ‘Me on a Good Day’ we won’t have to pop those orange fizzes, but instead we can blast Bosola to get us going in the morning when it's released on the 6th December.



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