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Burr Island Unveils Their Ethereal Journey with 'Days Dreamt' Album

Get ready to immerse yourself in the dreamy soundscape of Burr Island as they release their highly anticipated debut album, Days Dreamt, under Left Foot Records. Comprised of best friends Tom England and Oskar Porter, this London-based acoustic folk duo has created a collection that transcends mere music—it’s a heartfelt narrative that speaks to the soul.

Before we delve into the album, let’s highlight the enchanting track "Mother", a serene yet powerful composition that captures the essence of Burr Island’s musical prowess. With delicate vocals and intricate instrumentation, "Mother" invites listeners into a world of introspection and emotive storytelling.

Days Dreamt is a manifestation of a decade-long friendship steeped in creativity and musical exploration. Produced by the acclaimed Steve Cradock (known for his work with Ocean Colour Scene, The Specials), and mastered by Julian Lowe (Jamiroquai, Massive Attack), the album showcases Burr Island’s ability to blend 60s-inspired folk nostalgia with contemporary sensitivity.

From the opening track "Our Home" to the reflective "Later" and the poignant "English Roses", each song on the album resonates with themes of nature, friendship, existential contemplation, and a longing for deeper connections. The duo’s lilting harmonies and poetic lyrics create an immersive experience that transports listeners to a place of serenity and introspection.

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