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Californian Chemistry from Tony Tig

Californian Songwriter Tony Tig will release his latest single titled "Chemistry" tomorrow...

A kooky hip-hop track with a feel-good quality, this song features an insatiably catchy guitar melody. The song has a swing groove and coupled with the guitar, takes on a Jazzy vibe. The vocal lead is equally as catchy, as the speaker explains a chemistry he shares with a girl he loves. That feeling we’ve all experienced of simply being in awe of someone and grateful for the connection you have. With many sad songs around right now, this is a breath of fresh air!

The rap sections are personal, intimate and candid and the sung choruses offer a moment of contrast. Our personal favourite lyric is ‘us together is a beautiful notion’. There are interesting production elements in there too including electric piano and something which might just be a xylophone. The percussion matches the quirkiness, as do the whistles towards the end of the track. All round, if you’re looking for a New Year bop, this is it. An instant pick-me-up, Tony Tig will have your heart filled with warmth.

Go follow this unique Hip-Hop artist over on Instagram here to keep up-to-date with this release and future ones too.


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