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Californian Rockers Chopper Flynn Keep The Spirit Of Rock Alive With Album ‘Common Misconceptions’

Californian rockers CHOPPER FLYNN are a band keeping the vital spirit and quintessential essence of rock music alive and kicking. Evoking sounds from the 70’s and 90’s of core classic rock bands like veterans to the rock scene like Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Pearl Jam, CHOPPER FLYNN take everything that makes classic rock music of that era great and bring their own styles and sounds to the genre.

And with their latest LP COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS, this body of work is certainly no exception to their ethos. Embodying a vital collection of modern rock songs that draws on the bands background of metal to rock music, CHOPPER FLYNN made up of members and long time friends Ronan, Kai, Miles and Mucho, their heavily guitar influences sound and their own individualistic solid rock sound exhibited throughout COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS will leave you wanting this band to drop their second studio album ASAP.

Opener THINKING OF YOU gets the buzz and spirit of rock ‘n’ roll coming in right off the bat. Guitar riffs and alluring vocals capture and a general infectious rock swing the song has to it reels you in right away.

Title track COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS, amidst it’s electrifying guitar tones and building drum cymbals, which burst into full band live, feeling like an authentic jam session throughout, all the while, the lyrics detail the difficulties of finding freedom whilst feeling broken and failing to pick up the pieces. Honest songwriting with some humle rock sounds, COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS serves as a standout moment from the record.

Elsewhere, songs such as DOWNTRODDEN are very lyrically focused too, with an all too familiar theme running throughout the track. Tackling subjects like the political unfairness and corruption in its leaders, whilst it might not pack an almighty punch or hit a different feel like other songs including GREAT DIVIDE or SUCCUBUS do, DOWNTRODDEN has lyrical weight to it.

As an album, COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS captures everything CHOPPER FLYNN is good at. Heavy, catchy and good and proper rock, COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS is a dynamic body of work that flickers faultlessly between soft and hard rock.

Check out CHOPPER FLYNN on Facebook @chopperflynn and Instagram @chopperflynnband


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