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Cassy London releases new alt-pop single ‘Her’

Illustrious alt-pop sensation Cassy London has graced us with her highly-anticipated single, the mesmerizing new offering titled 'Her'. This latest single delves deep into the realm of vulnerability and heartbreak, drawing inspiration from Cassy's own poignant encounter with betrayal in a relationship. With an undertone of melancholy and introspection, 'Her' transcends its somber atmosphere to become an empowering anthem, uplifting all who lend their ears to its captivating melody.

'Her' encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster experienced within oneself when confronted with vulnerability and heartbreak from a loved one's betrayal. Despite the trials endured, Cassy's optimistic spirit shines through, as she hopes listeners will find empowerment and discover the strength to mend the shattered pieces of their hearts after a harrowing journey.

Building upon her recent global triumphs with 'Yellow Bricks' and 'New Age', 'Her' solidifies Cassy London's standing as a true luminary in the alt-pop realm. These prior releases garnered widespread acclaim and cemented her reputation as an artist with an undeniable international presence. With 'Her', Cassy London continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.

Listen to ‘Her’ below:


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